The artist at the Soho Underground Gallery in Pomona.

My name is Zurama  and I was Born in Havana, Cuba in 1965. I am a self taugh artist, with an instinctive love for all art forms. I am the daughter of a painter,who covered our house in murals and instilled in me the love to paint.

My father's art

I'm grateful to God for this gift that I get to share with the world, through this infinite space called the Internet. Painting is not something I chose, it chose me. It has allowed me an avenue of expression for my love of colors and shapes and through my paintings I've been able to relive all the memories and images of a time now gone, but that I will never forget. 

Home is now in America, where I've lived since my hight school years. 

Inspiration also came from viewing the work of Da Vinci, Goya, El Greco, Frida Kahlo, and others. My most influential teachers have been, Martha Underwood, Becky Guzak, and Mary Hughes.

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